Active seniors and why it mattersActive Seniors and why it matters to stay fit.

Leading an active lifestyle at any age is important. For seniors, this is no exception. However, what our bodies may have been more comfortable achieving in our youth aren’t always suitable for our wiser bodies. This doesn’t mean, however, that older adults should avoid physical activities. Learning what is appropriate for all bodies is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Identify What You Want

Setting goals and identifying what your physical needs or wants are is an important part of defining your fitness journey. Do you want more flexibility? Are you looking to improve your strength or manage your weight? Are you interested in improving your heart health or are just looking for overall clarity and stability? Whatever your goals, it’s important to identify them. Sometimes it’s important so seniors can get around town.

Active Seniors Should Meet with an Expert

Once you’ve identified your fitness goals, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Discuss what the best course of action is for your body. Your doctor will be the most qualified person to provide insight as to what they would recommend and ways to prevent injury.

After you’ve had a chance to discuss the course of action, setup a time with your activities director or fitness instructor. Map out your fitness journey together. When you have the ability to plan together, you’re more likely to stay committed to the plan. This is because you feel like you have had more of a say in the outcome.

Why it is important for seniors to be activeKeep Yourself Accountable and Reward Yourself

Mark on your planner your fitness schedule so that you can stick to it on the timeline that you and your healthcare provider and fitness instructor have agreed upon. Stay motivated by rewarding yourself for reaching various milestones. For example, let’s say you want to work out three times a week for one month straight, if you reach this goal without skipping a day, then enjoy a little massage for those worked out muscles. You could also buy a set of new workout clothes as a special thank you to yourself that will keep you excited about the next step.

Ultimately, it’s important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through both physical fitness and eating a healthy diet. These two thinks go hand in hand for a healthy body, mind and spirit. To learn more about our commitment to providing a healthy lifestyle for our senior residents, call today or schedule a private tour to see for yourself how we create a life in harmony for all.