Painted Paws for Veterans is a local organization that we’re thrilled to have visit with us every week as they bring their furry friends to our senior residents for a little love and companionship and puppy love.

puppy love at melody living - painted paws for veteransThere are many benefits to offering our assisted living and memory support residents pet therapy and they range from physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Many studies have shown that pets provide emotional stability during stressful situations, reducing anxiety and depression. They also can provide peace and become soothing for dementia patents who experience difficulty communicating.

At Melody Living in Colorado Springs, these friendly and furry visits amongst a variety of other services we offer, are a great way to spread cheer amongst residents and also give these sweet pups a little loving as well.

Puppy Love and Painted Paws for Veterans

Painted Paws organized in 2013 as a way to help Veterans connect to dogs from euthanasia shelters for companionship and emotional support. Over time, however, we have become so much more. Today, Painted Paws Rescue Ranch specializes in rescuing dogs from kill shelters that need someone to give them that second chance. This includes pregnant moms, seniors, disabled dogs and those that need a little extra rehab.

We love our pregnant moms. We bring them to the Ranch and provide them with the medical care they so badly need during those critical weeks. We help them bring their babies into life and give them a safe place to grow. Once the puppies are old enough, we offer them to the general public for adoption. Our moms are often available for adoption as well, but they also have a lifetime home with us if necessary.

Our Ranch seniors and disabled dogs make up the Painted Paws Rescue Ranch sanctuary. They love their peaceful home on the plains east of Colorado Springs. Many of these dogs have been surrendered to shelters for no other reason than their age or medical condition. Here they live out their lives in a safe place, showered with all the love we can give them.

puppy love at melody living - painted paws for veterans 1Painted Paws Rescue Ranch also rescues young adult canines between 1- 5 years old from shelters that need a little extra rehab. These are often dogs that haven’t been given a fair chance to be a family companion. It is so critical for puppies to receive the proper socialization and obedience after they become part of a family. Without that, they often become unruly, destructive, and out-of-control young adults that are hard to handle. After they come to the Ranch, we provide them with the love, attention and structure they so desperately need. Many of these dogs go on to become our most successful adoptions.

Along the way, all of the dogs on the Painted Paws Rescue Ranch get the opportunity to participate in our Veteran Therapy Program. We provide visitations to Veteran Nursing Homes and Assisted Living/Memory Centers in the Front Range area of Colorado. They also visit schools and other public events to provide education on PTSD and other Veteran emotional issues.

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